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The books below all have the Holly 5 Star Seal of Approval. Having read a pre-publication draft of Speaking for Spot I can honestly say it is the one book I wish I had had in my library for the past 29 years of having Berners in my life. 

Bernd Guenter's book is a must-have for all Berner owners, and Barry Schieber's books are heart-warming stories for adults and children of all ages. Jules the Lighthouse Dog is a true and enchanting story.

Modern advances in veterinary technology, specialized treatment, and routine medical care for dogs require confident, knowledgeable owners and handlers who are ready and willing to act on behalf of their favorite pet. Often, difficult choices must be made and, without help, many dog owners feel ill–prepared and undereducated when deciding what might be best for their pup. Now, Dr. Nancy Kay provides the perfect handbook to help guide dog owners in their quest to become the best medical advocate they can be.

Dr. Kay discusses:
*  Finding an appropriate family veterinarian and clinic
*  How to handle yourself and your dog during veterinary visits
*  Current trends in veterinary medicine, surgical care, and long-term treatment
*  The ins–and–outs of vaccinating dogs safely
*  Tracking and researching your dog‛s medical history
*  Dealing with cancer and the euthanasia process
*  Hundreds of common symptoms and diseases
*  Which questions to ask, and how to ask them

Visit the website for an excellent collection of health forms and templates. 



This fabulous coffee table book will be treasured forever. The full range of the Breed is brought to you in full color. Never before have we been presented with such a stunning collection of fine photographs. 

Dr. Bernd Guenter is a university professor who lives in the German Black Forest, near the Swiss border. He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America and the World Dog Press Association.





Moritz has a natural unassuming yet powerful gift for healing. As word spread, Barry and Moritz traveled the world. Moritz’s kindness and compassion affected many people. Healing seemed to flow from a nudge of his nose here, a sniff there, his head laid on someone’s lap, his direct look into a person’s eyes. 

Together they visited hospitals, libraries and schools, bookstores, charity fundraisers, camps, museums and fairs. Life changed for Barry. Time changed. Unexpected moments began to arise, chance interactions filled with wonder. 

Moments of Wonder: Life with Moritz is a small collection of these stories. 




Recovering from emergency surgery in a foreign country, Barry Schieber finds himself buying a puppy to bring back to Montana. He had never thought of owning a dog, any dog - let alone one that would soon tip the scales at over a hundred pounds.

Once home, wherever they go, Moritz draws people to him. Sensing something therapeutic about Moritz, Barry comes upon a way to share this quality with others. So begins their partnership for weekly volunteer visits at a local hospital.

As this chronicle unfolds, the reader comes to appreciate, with Barry, how a seemingly simple interaction with Moritz leads to healing and to engaging in the lives of others.





A Gift to Share is a book about generosity. The story follows the adventures of Moritz the puppy as he moves from Switzerland to Montana and learns to be a therapy dog.









By Barry J. Schieber and Illustrated by Hedvig Rappe-Flowers 

"This beautiful story is the reminder that all children and adults need in their libraries as a way to remember that sharing kindness with one another can change the world." - Ann D. Looby, Trauma Psychologist and President of Funding African Children's Education, Inc.






Moritz and Barry are off again, this time on an excursion to Switzerland. Traveling by train, bus, and gondola, Moritz is squashed into cramped spaces, surrounded and stepped over by hundreds of boots, and confronted by a variety of people and languages. Through it all he maintains a relaxed, tolerant, and joyful calm, amazing Barry and leading him to ask at the end how Moritz maintains his cool. The answer lies in the title of the book, A Peaceful Mind, a phrase that can lead to many an interesting conversation between parent and child.




Jules is a dog with simply nothing to do. He lives at a beautiful lighthouse, but dreams of being someplace else. Then one very fateful day something causes Jules to change his point of view. Join Jules as he discovers that the excitement he was looking for was right in front of him all the time.















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